Support our Spring Appeal

Support our Spring Appeal

Each Spring, we ask you to remember and support the seminary with a donation to our Spring Appeal. Donations can be made here.

Dear Friend,

As the 2022-23 academic and fiscal years end in May, I write to thank you for your continued support. The ripple effect of your gift touches the lives of our current students and future aspiring priests and non-ordained leaders of the Armenian Church of North America.

With Commencement on May 20, we look forward to launching a new graduate into the world – Dn. Serop Krajekian – to do the work of our Lord through the Armenian Church. It is a joyous time of year, full of celebration and pride for all our students’ accomplishments.

Please consider making a gift to honor our 2023 graduate and support the education of tomorrow’s church leaders. Our current students are progressing through their theological studies to prepare for the priesthood, working towards their Master of Divinity (MDiv) degree or St. Nersess the Great Diploma for Late Vocations. In the fall, a new student from California will join three more students from the Western Diocese who are pursuing their MDiv degrees. Also, stay tuned for more lectures via Zoom for the general public and continuing education offerings for clergy.

This summer, in addition to our popular and long-standing Deacons’ Training Program and High School Summer Conference, our well received Youth Choir Workshop will continue for the second year. The Youth Choir Workshop is free to all participants thanks to funding through the Yn. Diane Chevian Memorial Fund. There are still spots open in all sessions; click here to register.

Coming up on November 4, St. Nersess will celebrate the vocations of the next 12 priests and lay ministers who studied at St. Nersess and St. Vladimir’s Seminaries. Please mark your calendar to join us in person and honor these individuals as we mark the ongoing promise of St. Nersess Seminary. Details and invitations will be available soon.

No matter how much you give, you are investing in the next generation of church leaders. Please prioritize a gift today to honor all our seminarians who learn at our seminary and later lead in our dioceses.

Donations can securely be made here.

With gratitude,

Fr. Mardiros Chevian