Summer Conference Alumni Spotlight

Summer Conference Alumni Spotlight

Recently, the seminary embarked on a campaign to reconnect with summer conference alumni. We interviewed two alumni, Glenn and Margie Ajamian, who met at a Post High School session and later married. They attend St. Leon Armenian Church in Fair Lawn, NJ. Find out how St. Nersess has influenced their lives!

Q: What year did you first attend a St. Nersess Summer Conference? When did you meet at the seminary?
A: Glenn & Margie: Glenn first attended a St. Nersess Summer Conference in 1982. We both went to a Post High School conference in 1983 and that is where we met.

Q: How have you stayed connected to or currently support the seminary?
A: Glenn & Margie: Glenn is currently on the St. Nersess Board of Directors. We have stayed in contact with the seminary through family members who graduated from the seminary: Glenn’s twin brother Vartan, his sister Shake’ Derderian, our nephew Fr. Ghevont Ajamian, and niece Maria Derderian. We have attended many graduations and various fundraisers. Many of our St. Nersess friends from that 1983 conference have gone on to work in their local parishes and the diocese. Financially we donate to the seminary every year. Over the years, seminarians have come to our home in NJ for Thanksgiving and Christmas as their families are often far away. And of course, Der Mardiros is my cousin!!

Q: Do you have children who have attended a Summer Conference or any St. Nersess events?
A: Glenn & Margie: Our daughter, Courtney, attended a St. Nersess High School conference, and both our son, Derek, and Courtney attended St. Vartan Camp and were active in ACYOA. Our kids tease that when they go to the seminary, they feel we are trying to get them married off!

Q: How did your St. Nersess experience help you become active in your local parish?
A: Glenn & Margie: We were both active in our respective parishes growing up but going to St. Nersess together gave us a religious bond that made us want to work together for the church. After we married, we taught Sunday School together and were the ACYOA Jr. Advisors. Many of our ACYOA members who attended St. Nersess summer conferences would compare notes with us! We have served on Parish Council, Women’s Guild and are now raising income for the parish through hall rentals.

As you can imagine, St. Nersess is a very special place for us. When we met, Fr. Arshen Aivazian was the dean of the seminary. He attended our wedding and helped marry us. Even though the location of the seminary has changed, we still feel that once you step foot on the campus you are in an “unique” environment where conversing with the Lord is the norm!

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