St Nersess Announces Fall Semester Adult Education Course

St Nersess Announces Fall Semester Adult Education Course

Liturgy 211: Scripture Readings of the Liturgical Year

A team-taught course which will examine the connection between the Sunday Bible readings appointed in the Armenian Lectionary (Jashots) and the feasts of the liturgical year. The first semester will focus on the feasts of the Cross, Advent and Theophany (Christmas). Attentive reading and exegesis will combine with the study of the origin, structure, and theology of these festal periods. In this way the student will come to understand the Bible in its liturgical context. This course is a component of St Nersess Seminary’s Master of Arts in Armenian Christian Studies, and is open to all interested. 


  • Dr. Abraham Terian, Professor of Armenian Patristics and Academic Dean
  • Fr. Daniel Findikyan, Assistant Professor of Liturgy


Regular reading assignments from the Bible, a written assignment and written final exam. Students attending the course for credit must be present at all scheduled classes. 


$150 for registered students and auditors. Transfer credit may be available for college students. 


Sept. 16 – Dec. 9, 1998, 12 Wednesday Evenings, 7:00 – 9:00 p.m. For further information and registration contact the Seminary:

St. Nersess Armenian Seminary’s Master of Arts in Armenian Christian Studies offers English-speaking lay men and women a graduate-level education in the Christian culture of the Armenian people. Core courses are offered in the areas of Classical Armenian, Armenian Church History, Armenian Patristics and Theology, Armenian Liturgy, and Society. The program is designed to prepare educators and candidates for other non-ordained ministries in the Armenian Church.