Snapshot of Three Recent Graduates

Snapshot of Three Recent Graduates

Dear St. Nersess Supporter,                

In normal times, we would have mailed our annual Fall Appeal asking you to help fund the education of our students – future priests and non-ordained leaders – and support our educational goals for the 2020-21 academic year at St. Nersess Seminary. However, during these difficult days of uncertainty in our own country and especially in Artsakh and Armenia, we wish to instead just share information. We stand united in our collective support and prayers for Artsakh.

Below is an update on three recent St. Nersess graduates, one who is now deacon-in-charge of a parish and two who have begun their year-long pastoral internships. Below are snapshots on these individuals and how our seminary has greatly influenced each of their lives.

Dn. Albert Hambardzumyan: “After spending more than a year with my family at St. Hagop Armenian Church in Pinellas Park, FL, as a pastoral intern with Der Hovnan Demirjian, I have now embarked on a new journey as the Deacon-in-Charge of St. John the Baptist Armenian Church in Greenfield, WI. The three years I spent at St. Nersess Armenian Seminary as well as the eight years I spent at the Seminary of the Armenian Patriarchate of Jerusalem had a positive impact on me and prepared me well for my first pastoral assignment. St. Nersess equipped me with knowledge and experience to serve our Lord, while simultaneously serving our people.” 

Dn. Timothy Aznavourian: “St. Nersess has prepared me for my pastoral internship at Holy Trinity Armenian Church in Cambridge, MA, in a number of ways. Classes led by Bp. Daniel Findikyan, Dr. Roberta Ervine and others have given me an authentic look at what is the theological tradition of the Armenian Church. Dr. Ervine’s classes on Church History and Patristics, in particular, have given me the ability to read ancient Armenian Church texts, while at the same time present these ancient and sacred ideas in an understandable way in the 21st century. Furthermore, the interactions I have had with professors, clergy and church leaders have helped me handle the challenges of parish life.”

Dn. Armen Terjimanian: “Thanks to the training I received from our priests and professors at St. Nersess, I am well prepared for my pastoral internship at Holy Trinity Armenian Church in Cheltenham, PA. When preaching, visiting parishioners, or participating in Badarak, I am also thankful for the experience of my mini-internship at St. John Armenian Church in Southfield, MI, and mentorship of Hayr Aren Jebejian and Der Armash Bagdasarian as it gave a great foundation for the tasks at hand. I’m certain that my time at Holy Trinity will be a fruitful one thanks to the guidance and fatherly help of Der Hakob Gevorgyan.”

These snapshots demonstrate how your continued dedication and support strengthen the leadership and community of our Church. We are proud of what we offer at St. Nersess and will continue our work.

Our homeland remains foremost in our thoughts and prayers, and we pray for our faculty, graduates, clergy and their family members who are directly affected by the crisis in Artsakh. Most importantly, we pray for peace.

With prayers,

Fr. Mardiros Chevian, Dean

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