Hagop and Satenig Ouzoonian – Pillars of Generosity and Faith

Hagop and Satenig Ouzoonian – Pillars of Generosity and Faith

It is important to remember the names Hagop and Satenig Ouzoonian, two individuals St. Nersess Seminary will always be grateful to for their unwavering generosity and devotion. Their story is not merely one of material endowment but a testament to the profound impact of faith and benevolence on the Armenian community in the United States.

Hagop Ouzoonian, an immigrant who embarked on the journey to the United States in 1907, laid the foundation for a legacy that would resonate for generations. His dedication and tireless efforts, alongside his beloved wife Satenig, exemplify the essence of the Armenian spirit – resilience, determination, and unwavering faith. Their story is etched in the fabric of the Armenian diaspora, marked by decades of hard work, active participation, and boundless generosity. As founding members of the first Armenian Church in the Los Angeles area, the Ouzoonian’s carved out a sacred space for the community to gather, worship, and thrive.

Satenig Ouzoonian, in memory of her late husband Hagop, purchased the original building for St. Nersess in Evanston, IL, for $65,000, and bestowed upon the seminary a gift of immeasurable value – a gift that transcends monetary worth and speaks to the depths of her commitment to the education and nurturing of future clergy.

Although the seminary is no longer housed in the Ouzoonian House, their name remains a legacy in the history of St. Nersess – a reminder of the transformative power of faith and philanthropy. As we reflect on the profound impact of Hagop and Satenig Ouzoonian, let us be reminded of the indelible mark they have left on the Armenian community – a mark that transcends time and echoes through the corridors of history. In their generosity, we find inspiration; in their faith, we find solace; and in their legacy, we find hope for generations to come.

by Fr. Haroutioun Tachejian