Live Public Lectures

St.  Nersess Seminary invites you to join the seminarians for their Spring Semester Thursday evening class, CHT 323: Armenians and the Psalms.

Based on the writings of the Armenian Church’s vartabeds, the course will answer such questions as – why do the Psalms play such a large part in public and private Armenian worship over the centuries? What can their liturgical settings tell us about how Armenian understood the Psalms? How are the Psalms in Armenian different from the Psalms in other traditions? How did Jesus use the Psalms? How can the Psalms contribute to our experience today?

The course will be team-taught by Prof. Roberta Ervine, Dn. Yervant Kutchukian and Arpi Nakashian.  As it is a regular seminary course, the class will meet every Thursday evening from 7-9pm, February 1 through May 16. (with the exception of February 8 and March 28)

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