Global Classroom Comes to St. Nersess

Global Classroom Comes to St. Nersess

Over the past few months, preparations to upgrade the technology at the seminary have been led by donor Berj Akian, who assembled a team of friends and supporters including, Hagop Belekdanian, Andre Farah, Saro Hartounian, and Gevik Khachatourian. Levon Altiparmakian, seminary facilities & operations manager, received training on the new system in order to assist the faculty with the features.

The following updates were completed in our classrooms in the Karekin I Theological Center and throughout the campus:

  1. Electronic Equipment: Each of the three classrooms plus the conference room now have large wall mounted TV’s, cameras and microphones for interactive meetings, presentations, and delivery of online courses. A fifth large mobile unit, which includes a new Apple MacBook, has also been set up for use in the library or anywhere else it is needed.
  2. Network and Wireless: All the computer networking equipment have been upgraded, with the installation of fiber optic connections between buildings. The seminary’s wireless network has also been upgraded for faster speed and more Wi-Fi coverage across the campus.
  3. Worship Service Broadcast: A web camera has been installed in the chapel so that services can be broadcast to YouTube Live or Facebook Live.

“St Nersess is a very special place for our community. For generations, it’s been a cradle for preparing our church leaders and for nurturing lifetime friendships in faith and love. To ensure St Nersess keeps pace with our modern connected world and all the expectations that come with that, a group of us came together to help. We contributed and geeked-out to improve the classroom AV, computer network and Wi-Fi across the campus. It’s a small gift for a place that has given us, and now our children, the love of being Armenian. #LoveStNersess,” remarked Berj Akian.

The faculty and students are grateful to Berj and his wife Suzanne, a board member, for the new equipment and upgrades!

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