Deacons’ Training Program Held on New St. Nersess Campus

Deacons’ Training Program Held on New St. Nersess Campus

From June 25 – July 3, the Deacons’ Training Program, led by the Very Rev. Fr. Daniel Findikyan, welcomed a group of 23 young men who gathered together to learn the music and rituals of the Badarak and other services of the Armenian Church as well as their meaning and importance. The participants came from 12 states in the Eastern and Western Dioceses. With great enthusiasm the altar servers and prospective deacons participated in daily practical workshops, classes, discussions, Bible Study and worship.

Assisting on the staff were Rev. Fr. Daniel Karadjian, Pastor of St. Stepanos Armenian Church (Elberon, NJ) and Rev. Fr. Tateos Abdalian, Diocesan Director of Mission Parish Outreach, and Deacon Narek Garabedian, who graduated from St. Nersess Seminary in May. Deacon Ari Terjanian of St. Gregory of Narek Armenian Church (Richmond Heights, OH) served as Assistant Director. Toros Asadourian and Razmig Kolanjian served as counselors and Johnny Chadoyan and Maurice Lahham served as staff assistants.

“The young men were simply elated over the new St. Nersess Armonk campus and all that it has to offer our summer conferences,” said Fr. Daniel. “The ample classroom space, the comfortable library and of course our new Armenian chapel contributed greatly to the success of the Deacons’ Training Program.” He went on, “And they put the soccer field, volleyball court, basketball court and weight room to good use too.”

Among the guests speakers was His Eminence Mor Dionysius Jean Kawak, Archbishop of the Syriac Orthodox Church of America, a sister church with which the Armenian Church is in full sacramental communion. Our two peoples have lived side-by-side for millennia. His Eminence spoke to the young men about the history of his church and especially 1915 Genocide, which the Syriac Orthodox refer to as “Sayfo” [Sword] during which hundreds of thousands of Syriac Orthodox were martyred along with Armenians.

The Program concluded on Transfiguration Sunday with an intimate Badarak celebrated in the Seminary chapel with the participation of all of the staff and participants.

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