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High School Summer Conference

2023 High School Summer Conference

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We received the below letter from Zaven Tateossian, one of our High School Summer Conference participants from Jerusalem. Thanks to the donors who sponsored three students from the Sts. Tarkmanchatz Armenian School in Jerusalem, Zaven was able to experience the “magic” of the seminary.

Dear St. Nersess Staff,

It has almost been a month since we said our goodbyes and since then I was busy with my university applications and my duties as a member of the scouts but now, I finally have time to sit by myself and reflect on my memories of the St. Nersess High School Conference.

On the first day that I arrived to campus, I was greeted by Deacon Adam, who gave me a lovely five star tour of the campus and then told me that there is no other place in the world like Saint Nersess. The next day when everyone else arrived on campus they said the same thing, that there is no other place that matches Saint Nersess and to be honest I was doubting that sentence all throughout, but when the week passed like lightning and the time came to say our goodbyes. We were all crying and hugging each other for as long as we could, and that was when I understood that there is truly no other place in this world like Saint Nersess.

And so I just wanted to express how thankful and honored I am that I was given the chance and opportunity to be there and experience St. Nersess because to me the time I spent there is priceless and the friends I made there are the most amazing people I have ever met. We stay up late at night just to talk to each other every day and keep the strong bond we made during our time together.

I give my special thanks to Der Mardiros for giving me the chance to come to America and Saint Nersess, and I am proud to be part of this amazing work of yours, which has inspired almost every student from Jerusalem to achieve their best in order to be picked as a Saint Nersess participant. May God give you strength and all the health to help you continue your good deeds. I thank Deacon Adam for being the best counselor and most fun person on campus, Deacon Johnny for ignoring our late night talks and letting us have fun. Maria, for her extremely creative schedule and activities that made the program a hundred times better, Kareen for being very outgoing and an amazing person. Arpi for being my big sister the entire time I was in New York and finally Sub Deacon Aren for being my big brother and everyone else’s during camp and helping us with having as much fun as possible and for helping us with making the best memories of our lives.

I also want to thank Deacon Levon for the amazing tour of Manhattan and how well he took care of all of us who were with him that day.

Thank you all, for you are all like family and I hope we get the chance to meet again someday in the future.

With uttermost love,

Zaven Tateossian

RECAP OF 2022 High School Summer Conference

This conference helps high school students to explore their faith and the heritage of the Armenian Church. Clergy and lay leaders instruct the participants in the fundamentals of the Armenian Church’s faith and traditions and encourage frank discussions about current issues facing young adults. Inspiring daily worship and meditations, bible study, and lectures are balanced with sports and recreation and other activities that add to a well-rounded experience. High school students make deep, lasting friendships and discover their place in the Armenian Church. Please contact your local parish for available scholarships.


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