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Deacons’ Training Program

Deacons’ Training Program, 2022

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An overview: The St. Nersess Deacons’ Training Program is tailored for young men who would like to learn to participate in the liturgical services of the Armenian Church as deacons and altar servers.

Through personalized practical workshops and interactive classes, seminary faculty, priests, deacons, and other specialists teach participants the deacons’ chants of the Divine Liturgy and other services, while they take the mystery out of the rituals, the music, the symbols, and the chants. Students who complete the program return to their home churches with polished liturgical skills, a deeper understanding of the church’s worship, stronger faith, and new friends.

Beginners with little or no previous experience serving at the altar focus on the deacons’ chants and rituals of the Divine Liturgy, while advanced students will learn additional hymns, chants and rituals which are conducted in other services.

All participants benefit from daily study of the Bible and Liturgy, morning and evening worship, and Armenian language instruction. Sports, games, excursions, and the indescribable phenomenon of St. Nersess make the Deacons’ Training Program unique, rewarding and fun. The program is open to young men at least 14 years old. No previous experience is necessary.

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