Liturgical Music (LM)

LM 101 Divine Liturgy

The proclamations and the hymns of the Divine Liturgy, with their propers.

LM 102 Night, Morning, and Evening Services

The hymns (sharakans) of these daily Services of the Hours.

LM 203 Sunrise, Peace, and Rest Services

The hymns (sharakans) of these special Services of the Hours.

LM 204 Major Feasts and Holy Week

The hymns (sharakans) of the major feasts and their pre-feast celebrations , with special attention to the celebrations of Holy Week.

LM 305 Sacraments I

The hymns for special occasions in the Ritual (Mashtots’): those of the baptismal, matrimonial, and funeral liturgies.

LM 306 Sacraments II

The hymns for special occasions, such as Blessing of the Fields (Andastan), Blessing of Water, Blessing of Grapes, Blessing of Muron, and those of ordination liturgies.