General Studies (GS)

GS 101 Western Armenian (Tutorial)

May be repeated as often as necessary, at various levels, until a learner is able to converse comfortably-if not fluently.

GS 103 Survey of Modern Armenian Literature (Tutorial)

A directed-reading course either in Armenian or in English, depending on the student’s command of languages, with weekly assignments and a final exam. The course surveys Armenian literature in both Eastern and Western dialects.

GS 110 Survey of Armenian History (Tutorial)

A directed-reading course with weekly assignments and a final exam. The course surveys Armenian history from earliest times to the present, emphasizing decisive events and important epochs.

GS 120 Voice and Diction (Tutorial)

For M.Div. students who need it, the course acquaints them with basic music theory, sight-reading, and voice production.

GS 410 Research Methodology

The course introduces students to a variety of tools and methods of research in the humanities, especially in literary/historical analyses of religious texts. Highly recommended for students contemplating writing a thesis (required of students in the MA program). Offered Spring Semesters, even years (an alternate course in methods of research in the social sciences may be offered when petitioned for by two or more students adequately informed in the social or behavioral sciences).

GS 451 MA Thesis

Under the direction of a faculty adviser, students complete a well researched study of no less than 50 pages in their area of concentration (4 semester credits). Prerequisite: GS 410 Research Methodology.