Church History (CH)

CH 101 Armenian Church History I

An overview of Armenian Church history from the beginnings to the end of the eighth century-first-century evangelization through the Arab invasions.

CH 102 Armenian Church History II

An overview of Armenian Church history from the ninth to the end of the sixteenth century-rise of the Bagratid Dynasty and re-establishment of the Armenian Kingdom at Ani through the fall of Constantinople and establishment of the Armenian Patriarchate.

CH 103 Armenian Church History III

An overview of Armenian Church history from the seventeenth century to the present-migrations to Europe and Southeast Asia and forced resettlement of Armenians in Persia through Armenian colonies in Russia and contacts with the Russian czars. Liberation of Yerevan and Etchmiadzin from Persian rule by Russia through persecution of the Mother See within the Soviet Union and the relocation of the Catholicosate of Cilicia from Sis to Lebanon.

CH 450 Seminar in Armenian Church History

The seminar is devoted to one or more of the pertinent periods, ecclesiastical issues, major figures, or the framing and solving of important questions in the history of the Armenian Church.

CH 451 Directed Reading in Armenian Church History

Focused reading and research in a given period, event, or ecclesiastical issue. May be repeated once, but may not be considered as substitute for more than one core-requirement course.

CH 480 Independent Study in Armenian Church History

Independent and advanced study dealing with a problem in the field of Armenian Church history, for students who have completed basic courses in the area. May be repeated once.